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Kenzie Bentle

Lives in Cincinnati, United States Born on July 7 Male
by on November 29, 2017
Ever since I took the fall down the stairs, ive been thinking how much punishment I have gave to my body! I am so grateful that it (my body) hasn't gave up on me yet!!! I've healed fairly well in this last accident and im truly grateful for the bouncing back my body can do! Also, I got to give a should out to my parents for passing on some really good genes!!! I hear and read about people with all kinds of problems with or without injuries everyday! I am truly blessed i have seemed to inherited ...
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by on October 28, 2017
So I took a very bad fall almost exactly two weeks ago... Well, exactly two weeks in two hours. In the early morning I came down the stairs with both hands full of dishes and slipped on the stairs. After twelve hours in the ER, i found out that I had a compression fracture of the T11 vertebrae. So this brings me to my gratitude... I am so grateful that I have so many friends and family that care for me.. So many people stepped up to help! So many people with so many kind words! And most of all a...
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