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HappinessFusion is proud to be a community supported by our members.

This is a community simply for your personal growth and happiness. No ads or pop-ups to interupt your experience, and no friends trying to sell you on the latest multilevel marketing scheme. HappinessFusion is a place to come where you can enjoy your online experience, connect with like-minded friends and walk away feeling better about yourself. You also have the opportunity to join us in making a large-scale impact as we come together as a community to support and empower each other.

Ad Free,
Interruption Free
Each year you are exposed to thousands of ads, both offline & online. Isn’t it time you finally got a break and take some time to enjoy your personal space?
Give Back
to the Community
It has never been easier to make an impact on the cause closest to your heart. To support our mission, we donate 10% of each member subscription. Click here to see the charities we currently support. Upon registration, you'll select your cause.
Free from
Corporate Influence
Member support allows us to continue growing our technology without the need for intrusive corporate interference. To date, this community has been 100% funded by members who are dedicated to bringing more happiness into the world.
Community Members
Being a member supported community helps us ensure that individuals are upholding the community values of supporting and uplifiting each other through positivity. This helps us keep out ‘internet trolls’. Click here to see memberships costs.
Our mission at HappinessFusion is to make the world a better place for all.
Everything we do and everything we create is with this goal in mind. We are always open to hearing new ideas from our community, contact us here. We know that in order to become our very best, we must rely on each other.