Kristina Bentle
by on July 18, 2018
I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. Rightfully so, and I’ve found myself judging those emotions. As I sit here go watch the sunset rise at the beach I realized my suffering of because I’m judging my emotions. Of course, I’ve gone through this pattern before. I’ve learned to release my emotions and simply let them be. But it’s amazing how the patterns of our lives continue when we become so wrapped up in our thoughts. I’ve been struggling to slow my mind down lately. Sitting here with my toes in the sand and watching the waves, has been the first time in a few days that I’ve been able to slow down. It’s so important to have reminders that help you stay balanced and centered. This community does that for me I want to keep fighting to bring this to life for the world. Someone was told find the things that make happy and do more of that! Sitting in the chair makes me happy. Being on the beach makes me happy!!!