Kristina Bentle
by on April 10, 2018
You would think that a cup of coffee really isn't something that a person could be so grateful for. But as I sit here drinking my coffee, I am counting my blessings. For most of my life, I couldn't drink coffee. I have what is called an angry gut. Meaning my stomach is unusually sensitive. I laugh now but growing up I really thought it was normal to feel/get sick every single time a person ate. I didn't know any better. It took me until my late 20s to finally get help and find some remedies. I still have to eat trigger foods in moderation, but at least now, I have the opportunity to experience different foods. So today, I'm grateful for my cup of coffee, in my favorite mug! It's funny how experiences shape your life. Not being able to eat all those years has made me learn to appreciate every single thing that I do get to eat. Don't wait to lose something to realize how lucky you are.
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