Kristina Bentle
by on February 27, 2018
The sun is shining and I get to work with the window open. It makes my heart feel so full. I can hear the birds chirping as I work.
Yesterday, I went to the Dr later in the day. I walked out as the sun was setting and the office was closing. The employees were leaving and getting in their cars and I sat there for a moment and counted my blessings. I remember leaving the office everyday like that and being a bit bummed that I had missed out on so much of life going on outside of those brick walls. Working in an office was extremely stifling for me....
I made a change and found a solution that works for me and everyday I am blessed to work where I can sit by the window, walk outside, work outside and feel entirely comfortable. Working from home makes my soul feel alive. It has change my life and allows me to feel like I'm taking full advantage of each and every precious day.
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